Sunday, December 13, 2015

Third Sunday of Advent

"What should we do?" Be kind to all. It really is that simple. We get so caught up in grand plans to fix the world, that we are blind to the power of ordinary kindness. The Lord whom we long for this season came to us as a brother and a friend, not as some sort of social justice warrior-king. Yes, he baptizes us with fire, but the fire of grace, not zealotry. A fire meant to drive us to recognize all those whom we meet as beloved members of our one family and to treat them accordingly. Listen to them, even when you do not like what they say. Embrace them, even when you fear that they might hurt you. Share all you possess, and refuse to use them as tools for personal profit. And when you inevitably fail at such tasks, apologize and make amends. Yes, grace really is simple and ordinary. So as we finish Advent and begin the Jubilee of Mercy, let us "cry out with joy and gladness": for the great and holy family to which we belong; for the opportunity to be generous with our Parent's love; and for the knowledge that she is near, patiently waiting to gather us into a kingdom that surpasses all expectation.