Sunday, December 6, 2015

Second Sunday of Advent

We are the crooked roads in need of straightening. We are the mountains and chasms blocking God's way. And by we, I do mean all of us, not just a handful of trigger-pullers and their accomplices. We all embrace tribalism. We all use violence to fix our problems. And our hearts and souls become rougher with every step down those paths. So what are we to do? Love our enemies. Acknowledge both killers and killed as our brothers and sisters. Mourn them all. Grand plans will never heal the world's ills, only the grace of hearts and souls transformed by repentance and forgiveness stands a chance. Yes, "the Lord has done great things." They became one of us, to show us the splendor of our family. And if we are truly "filled with joy," then we will celebrate every sibling, even those we fear or dislike.