Sunday, February 19, 2012

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our Creator is the Good Parent, always willing to forgive our sins. He understands our imperfection and does not hold it against us. She lets go of our history of failure and allows us to make a fresh start. This is the truth that Jesus attempted to share, but not all were willing to hear it. We are like the spoiled child who gets angry that his parents do not punish his siblings severely enough for their transgressions, but does not mind so much when it is his turn to be disciplined. We need to be reminded that forgiveness is a blessing we should rejoice over, whomever is on the receiving end. Naturally, however, the authority figures balked at Jesus' words, so he did a little magic trick to shut them down. It certainly worked, but did it also blind them to his message? What were they so "astounded" at seeing: the truth of forgiveness or the physical healing? Which of these two is grander and more profound? Which do you desire for yourself?