Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Is the Gospel a commodity to be sold or a gift to be shared? God does not demand money for his grace; she gives it freely to all willing to accept it. A prophet does not receive a revelation in order to earn a paycheck; he is given something in trust for the benefit of the people. We should not expect to earn a living by peddling Truth. Be wary of those who claim otherwise.

The true hope that Jesus brought was in his words. Did he heal all the sick and raise all the dead? Of course not. Did those who were healed eventually die? Of course they did. Misery and despair are an inherent part of the human condition. Their cure is not hope of a miracle, but the hope of our Parent's love and compassion. This is the true gift that Jesus brought to his people, but it is one that is difficult to see and feel. So he did a few magic tricks to get the crowds attention. Unfortunately, we are animals more impressed by flashy sparks than by a smoldering fire deep in our soul. It is time that we focus our attention on what is truly eternal, rather than what is pretty for a moment.