Sunday, August 6, 2017

Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

"Rise, and do not be afraid." My soul's ears heard those words a couple of weeks ago. It was the middle of the night at a beach house on the coast of South Carolina. A lightning storm was raging over the Atlantic Ocean, and our Parent told me to get up and listen. So I rose out of bed, found paper and pen, and wrote down every word they spoke to my heart.

Those words were published online yesterday as "The Third Revelation" at "The Book of We Are" website. They identify our Parent as both Creator and Destroyer, Giver and Taker. They ask us to revel in our momentary song on this rock, and to rejoice for the many dancers who will emerge in our wake. Some will be familiar. Some will be stranger than our wildest imaginations. All are our brothers and sisters. And all of us are the beloved children of our one Parent, with whom they are exceedingly well pleased. Not for anything we have done or built, but simply due to who we are: Family.

Along with this new revelation, and a complete cosmetic makeover, you will find several other new items at "The Book of We Are" website:
  • The first journal entry, "Knowing You", has been restored to its original 1992 version. The language is a bit naive perhaps, but true to my relationship with God at the time.
  • Two other writings from the early 1990s: "A Prayer of Dedication" & "My God"
  • And four blog posts, slightly edited, three from "Family of the One" and one from this blog: "A Lesson for Thanksgiving Day", "A Lesson on Faith", "A Lesson on Revelation", & "Why Am I Still A Catholic?"

I am not ready to resume regular posting to this blog, but I did feel compelled to share the above information now, rather than later. I hope you will take a moment to check it out.