Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fear. Where does fear drive you? Into the arms of faux peace and security? Or to heights you never dreamed of visiting? Are we like the lazy servant, so afraid of Big Daddy that we entomb grace rather than risk it being squandered? Or are we the good spouse, who uses every resource at our disposal to do our Lover's will? Let us be bold and daring in our love of God and neighbor. Let us remain alert to every opportunity to increase the kingdom, and not allow sobriety to twist itself into a fearfulness of wonder and surprise. For our Parent delights in mystery and paradox, and beckons us to embrace their joys. Will you run to them with awe and reverence, and bathe in their light? Or will you cower in terror in the darkness, wailing and grinding your teeth? Fear. Will it bless you or haunt you?