Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Love God; love your neighbor. It seems so simple, so easy. And yet we make such an unholy mess of it, over and over again. Why? Why are we are so bad at love? Perhaps because we do not treat it as simple or easy. Yes, life is complicated. But love does not have to be, especially when it comes to our siblings and our Parent. The latter showers us with their love, even desiring to physically meld with us through the Eucharist. What do we do with this gift? We treat it like a reward for following our rules. But what if we stopped that nonsense, and instead made it simple and easy? What if we told our neighbors to just come and eat, and let grace do the rest? Would it tarnish God's love? Or might that love spread like wildfire? Where else might we suddenly find love to be simple and easy? And all this is possible, if we recognize that love is a measure of God's strength, not our own. Which makes love, especially when it comes to our family, the simplest and easiest of things to do.