Sunday, September 21, 2014

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

What about the foreman? Did he try to talk the landowner out of being so generous? Did he grumble as he handed over the wages? And what would he have done if the landowner had not been on the scene? Who could possibly condemn the poor fellow if he refused to follow his master's instructions out of fear of squandering the resources entrusted to him? So I can understand why the Church acts so stingily when it comes to the sacraments, especially Eucharist. But it is also clear to me that God does not care if one of their children receives more grace than he or she has happened to earn at any particular moment. Our Parent desires to be close to all who call upon them, regardless of the caller's worthiness or cleanliness. So let us be a good foreman and pay our siblings their wages.