Sunday, October 6, 2013

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Who among us aspires to be an unprofitable servant? Most of us would be embarrassed or offended if branded with such a label. Even slackers and bums would likely reject it as too subservient. And that is why faith is so hard for us. We are a prideful and impatient people. We set out from an early age to conquer life, to mold it according to our dreams. Some of us are foolish enough to think that we have actually succeeded in those endeavors. But whether we are alive to witness it or not, all of our feeble kingdoms collapse eventually. Only one kingdom lasts; only one kingdom matters. And we serve that kingdom by surrendering control: of our time, of our will, of our very lives. Rarely will such faith make sense from day to day, but it will move mountains, not merely trees, when it counts. So let us strive to be our Creator's unprofitable servants, for there is no higher honor than that.