Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fourth Sunday of Easter

We are God's. There is an intimacy to this truth that is beyond the bonds of family or lovers. We are entwined as one, but one what? What analogy can possibly due this relationship justice? But we are curious little monkeys, so we bang away at our descriptions, drawing some in while repelling others, filling our world with chaos and noise. We have drowned out God's voice and dulled their touch. We refuse to share his love, her grace, then scream to the heavens in agony when the predictable pain and misery ensue. We beat those who fail or hurt us, forgetting that we are entwined to them as well. And the best of us repeatedly try to fix the unfixable, while swatting the hand of the wise child who is tugging at our sleeve and furiously pointing at the simple, obvious, but somehow inconvenient, good news … We are God's, and nothing can take us away from them.