Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

We are as clueless as the first disciples. How many ways must God find to tell us that the suffering servant is the greatest of us all before it finally penetrates our think skulls? How many of us are so utterly amazed by Pope Francis, as if we never knew anyone like him? “Stop, no more of this!” We are meant to imitate him, not be enchanted by him. And not just him either. Today we celebrate both an ancient gift of self-sacrifice and a more recent one. Today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of Oscar Romero. He died proclaiming that we are all God's children, every last one of us. He died while sharing the bread and the cup with our brothers and sisters. He did not want praise. He wanted us to embrace one another as family. Why do we insist on humiliating, and violating, and killing each other instead? Why do we still choose Barabbas? Brother Oscar, pray for us!