Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

It's all about love. The prophet's job is to speak the Truth of Love. So why then does the prophet face rejection? Because we don't understand love any better than those who drove Jesus out of Nazareth. Do we believe in the kind of love of which Paul speaks, or the fantasy of butterflies, rainbows, and all things sparkly? When we are injured by another, do we follow the path of revenge or redemption? When we are the ones causing harm, do we seek out denial or atonement? When confronted with evil, do we turn away and engage in happy talk or look it squarely in the eye and place our trust in grace? Do we embrace only the likable or even the ugliest of God's children? Does love mean for a few, or for some, or for many, or for every last one of our brothers and sisters? And when we fail to love, do we accept reality or dare to hope? Yes, "Love never fails," because God never fails.