Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holy Saturday - Vigil in the Holy Night of Easter

Tonight we recount salvation history, but we also reveal the growth of faith. Once we were children, who saw our Creator as a stern parent, with detailed rules and clear consequences. Like all children, we broke the rules and suffered the consequences. Our Parent scolded us, but always forgave us. Then we became adolescents: awkward, insecure, moody, selfish, arrogant, but also passionate, searching, giving, and loving. We demanded proof of our Parent's love and felt ashamed for asking. We wallowed in our lack of self-worth, while dreaming of true love. Now it is time that we become adults, who look our God in the eye and see Truth for what it is. We are meant to stand side-by-side with our Creator in friendship, not kneeling in blind obedience or cowering in terrified awe. We are called to lead lives of love and loyalty, not  because of a command or fear of punishment, but out of a recognition of what is good and true. Salvation is not the future gift of a benevolent Creator to a chosen few, but the birthright from a loving Parent to all of their children.