Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Wisdom 6:12-16
Truth is not owned by anyone. It is a creation of that which created us. The authorities of our world, secular and religious, possess nothing that is not freely available to all. Some of them just pay greater attention than most; others are deaf and hear only what they want to hear. Either way, do not be blinded by stature or power. Look to them as examples of how you should listen to your own soul in seeking the Truth. For she is within you, eager to be found.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Matthew 25:1-13
Why are we so eager to meet our end, and at the same time so fearful of it? Why are we so mistrustful of our Parent? She created us, so surely he has a plan for our full existence. Be careful however: that plan may not go according to our desires. Our reason is not hers; our justice is not his. Tales of an exclusive salvation may help us feel special, particularly in times of distress, but are they truly the Wisdom of our Creator? Does our Parent love some of his children, or all of them? Listen to your soul for the Truth. For she is within you, eager to be found.