Sunday, October 12, 2008

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 22: 1-14
Our bishops give us an interesting choice this day. We can stop with the king's hall filled with guests, bad and good alike. Or we can keep going to watch our benevolent king toss out the poor man who has arrived without his wedding garment. After all, "many are invited, but few are chosen." I wonder which option our priests will choose today? Which option would you choose? We all know which option is more pleasing. Surely none of us would be among the fools who actually reject the king's invitation. Of course we will be his guest. But will we remember the wedding garment? A little tougher question. No, we definitely don't want to keep going; stop at the easy line where we've all made it inside; let's not think about getting thrown out into the darkness. But wait, did the poor man get thrown out for not having the garment, or for remaining silent before his king? Does his silence come from fear, embarrassment, or guilt? Surely our benevolent king can tell. So the real question is this: do we have the courage to face our king bare naked, or do we want to stop at the easy part?